Friday, July 19, 2013

Coron Eco Lodge

There is a number of hotel and pension houses around and within downtown. What attracted me most was this Coron Eco Lodge located at Calle Real. The name of the street is too personal for me because it is my family name. I must say it has influenced my choice but it doesn't end there.

I found Eco Lodge very affordable for a really cozy place. It doesn't offer you a seaview or any overlooking scenes but its proximity to a lot of stalls and restaurants around the place makes it a convenient place for you to stay. 

The room we had was very clean and comfortable, the furniture and other equipment are at its best condition, which included the air conditioning unit, television set, and a hot and cold shower.
 Other services included a free breakfast and what amazed me was the 24 hour unlimited coffee for free. Incredibly good for a coffee lover like me.
 All of these are valued at P1898. On top of that is the excellent service they offer which every guest would always appreciate. The staff were friendly and accommodating. Also, they could help you arrange tours and transportation, which makes it even more convenient. No doubt, Eco Lodge is a strong preference for a place to stay in Coron.

Oh by the way, You can easily distinguish them by the famous symbol they use, the lizard, which I believe is a common wildlife in Palawan.

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